nger we hang around R▓angoon, the closer we’ll be wa▓tched.If ever we get away, it mus?/p>



坱 be now, before they think ●we’re going.” “But Pearson— 癖 began James. “There’s one ●scheme that always works with Eurasians,”● I answered. The Australian raised hi▓s eyebrows. “Firewater,” I murmured.  癜Swell,” grinned James. We put the p▓lan into executio

n at once, haltin▓g at the first arrack-shop beyond the ▓monastery to show the detective our ap●preciation of his services.By eight be▓lls he was the most jovial man in Ra▓ngoon; by noon he felt in duty▓ bound to slap on the back every Euro●pean we encountered.Luckily, good cheer se●lls cheaply in Burma, or the project would ▓have made a serious inroad on our fortun▓e of seven rupees. We halted, well● on in the afternoon, at an eating house ha●rd by the Chinese temple.The Eurasian,


allegi●ng lack of appetite, ignored the● plate of food that was set before ●him. “See here, Pearson, 癖 I suggested, “you’ve been sticking close to ●us for a long time.The government● should be proud of you.But I should think,▓ after three days, you

  • left the Home he followed us to th●e monastery.Whe
  • n we slipped on our shoes nex▓t morning, he was waiting for▓
  • us at the foot of the steps.He was a pleasant●
  • companion and his stories were well● told; but we could no more shake
  • him off tha●n we could find work in Rangoon.For three ●days he
  • camped relentlessly on our tr▓ail. “Look here, James,” I pr


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    ’d like to get a glimps●e of your wife and the kids.” ▓ “Yesh, yesh,” cried the half-breed, star▓ting up

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    with a whoop, “I’m close to▓ ’ome ’ere.I’ll run round a ●minute.Don’t mind, old fel, eh I’ll be bac▓k fo

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    re you’re ’alf through,”● and he stumbled off up the stree●t. Once he was out of sight, we left● ou

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